Seeds collection 2017

All our seeds are grown on our farm located in Finland (etelä-pohjanmaa).

they are all produced without any chemicals , in respect of life

QUINOA: colorado black shelly 25.     2.50 euro

(open-pollinated seed)

( seeds for  1M2 )

a multicolored quinoa and a good variety for short season . seeds can be : black , white , brown and red .

BARLEY : arabian blue 2.00 euro


( seeds for 1M2)

a variety from himalaya , where is growth to 2400m high in the montain .

RYE : old finnish variety 2.00 euro

( heirloom)

(seeds for 1M2)

EINKORN WHEAT : 2.50 euro

  triticum monoccum

       limited quantity

( heirloom)

limited seeds

CAMELINA 2.50 euro


limited seeds

squash: styrian hulless 2.50 euro

                in production

(pepo family)


(15 seeds)

its from zucchini family (pepo) , but it have the quality of zucchini and pumpkin.

very productive plant . the seeds are perfect for eat and make oil  . great flavor fruits .

old variety from Austria

winter squash :Turkish turban 2.50 euro

(maxima family)


(15 seeds)

our favourite pumpkin for make soup . very sweet and productive

winter squash : karryla 2.00 euro

( maxima family)

(open source seed)

(25 seeds)

its our little child , and its not 100% stable yet . you can make your own selection on that variety. it is very productive , the male and female flowers arrive in same time what it good for short season . it have a nice sweet test .

winter squash: candy roaster  2.50 euro

(maxima family)


15 seeds

very nice winter squash

tomatoes: black vernissage 2.50 euro

great test and looking variety.

perfect for make great sauce because of it sweetness flavor.

15 seeds/bag

tomatoes: slava   2.50 euro


old variety from Russian.

good sweetness flavor


tomatoes: islanders 2.50 euro

(open source seeds)

perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. 


basil : lettuce basil  2.50 euro

very rich in flavor , perfect for make pesto . with incredible big leaves