seeds collection 2017 ( only for members)

TOMATOES : slava ( indeterminate ) (heirloom)

(15 seeds)

a Russian variety , with potatoes leaves type . very sweet , one of our favorite variety

Tomatoes : blue berry ( indeterminate ) (open-pollinated)


a cherry tomatoes for half season . great flavour

TOMATOES : islanders ( indeterminate ) (open-pollinated)


very productive , great flavours , one of our favorite variety .



CHICORY : endive witloof ( open-pollinated)

a great winter salad

GARDEN patience

(wild plant)

garden orache

not anymore available


 TOBACCO : kessu ( heirloom)

not anymore available

a old finnish variety

PEAS : magnolia blossom (open-pollinated)

Alan kapuler have create this very nice variety . it can grow 3m high with purple  flowers .

peas ( medium high) : rokka and hulda ( heirloom)

not anymore available

2 differents short variety

FAVA BEANS : petite du lac saint jean ( heirloom)

a old and rare variety from Quebec

CHARD : mix colors


parsnip : half long de guernesey


SALAD : cracoviensis

not anymore available