Seeds collection 2017


        2.00 euro


young fruits can be use as pickles, you can also eat them raw or cooked. Prefers like warm and humid conditions. perfect to make climbing in a greenhouse

CHICORY : endive witloof

         2,50 euro

( open-pollinated)

a great winter salad

GARDEN patience

          2.00 euro

a good and edible plant , to replace spinach in your sauce , its a biannual . the second year you can harvest the young shoot growing very early in the season.

 TOBACCO : kessu

          2.50 euro

       in production

a old finnish variety

PEAS : magnolia blossom 25 seeds

          2.50 euro


Alan kapuler have create this very nice variety . it can grow 3m high with purple  flowers .

peas ( medium high) : rokka 25 seeds

        2.00 euro

2 differents short variety

parsnip : half long de guernesey

          2.00 euro


CHILI short season 10 seeds

2,50 euro

plants can grow to 60cm high , for fast and good harvest put it in greenhouse.
good and early production . middle hot when harvest mature.

CHILI hot purple 10 seeds

2,50 euro

late season chili

very tasty and hot . small plants perfect for growing in pot all round year

modalvian dragonheat 2.50 euro minimum 30 seeds

this is a great test herb for your tee .

full of antioxidant and other beneficial things


        limited quantity


A Siberian heirloom imported in 1901. J.C. Robinson Seed Co. listed it in The Cucurbits Illustrated (1937). Obtained from the USDA by SSE member Glenn Drowns; reintroduced in 1987 by his Sand Hill Preservation Center in Calamus, Iowa. Green


(3euro)    limited quantity

(open source seed)

its a mix of different variety created by Frank Morton . a great mix of colors and test

TOMATOES : kotlas ( 3euro)


make small fruits (60g) , have a good tolerance in cold

55 day after transplanting

25 seeds



very early cucumber , start to make fruits after 50 day after transplanting.

20 seeds