CARROTS : chanteney red heart (3,50euro) (4g) (organic seed)


make roots about 18 /20 cm long , grow well in heavy soil . very good storage quality

bag of 4g

CARROT : nantaise 3,50euro (4g).           (organic seed)

CARROT : white of kuttingen 3,50euro(4g). (organic seed)

really vigurious variety with great test.

TURNIP : GILFEATHER (3,50euro).    (organic seed)


a old heirloom , its exactly a cross between a turnip and a rutabaga

bag of 500 seeds

RICE : DUBORSKIAN (3,50EURO).               (organic seed)


A variety from Russian (115 day) , we will also test this variety in 2017 . we don't know how it will flowering with the long day here in Finland but we propose it , if somebody are also interesting to test it.

this rice don't need to grow in water , you can grow it in vegetable garden zone,  if you keep enough moist in your soil. and it resist to small frost.

bag of 7g

KOHLRABI : Vienna purple (3,50euro).     (organic seed)

( heirloom)

200 seeds

PURPLE GIANT HYSSOP : agastache scrophulariafoliae ( 3,50euro).(organic seed)

( wild plant)

200 seeds

MELON: farthest north galia 3,50euro (25 seeds).  (organic seed)

it´s a open-pollinised variety with still lot of genetic biodiversity . with differents type of small fruits . it´s a mix of two variety : farthest north mix with the variety galia . two variety well adapted to short season.

TURNIP : petrowski early round yellow 3,50 euro (500 seeds)(organic seed)

really great test turnip .

really early : 6 week

old variety from germany

MILLET : rudukes 3,50euro (2g)      (organic seed)

old variety from Lituania , with small seeds.

CUCUMBER : tendergreen burpless 3,50euro(organic seed)

make fruits between 15 /30 cm

it´s good variety to cold and wet climats.

young fruits can be use for pickles.

QUINOA : chadmo 3,50euro (3g)(organic seed)

this variety it´s really resistance to  pre-germinate seeds on the plants like usual quinoa. this variety it´s particulary well adapted to yet autumn .

originary from the island of Chiloe on the west cost of Chili.

ZUCCHINI : nimba 3,50euro (12 seeds). (organic seed)

well adapted to short season and cold summer .

old variety fron Poland