CARROT : nantaise 3,50euro (4g).           (organic seed)

CARROT : white of kuttingen 3,50euro(4g). (organic seed)

really vigurious variety with great test.

TURNIP : GILFEATHER (3,50euro).    (organic seed)


a old heirloom , its exactly a cross between a turnip and a rutabaga

bag of 500 seeds

RICE : DUBORSKIAN (3,50EURO).               (organic seed)


A variety from Russian (115 day) , we will also test this variety in 2017 . we don't know how it will flowering with the long day here in Finland but we propose it , if somebody are also interesting to test it.

this rice don't need to grow in water , you can grow it in vegetable garden zone,  if you keep enough moist in your soil. and it resist to small frost.

bag of 7g

KOHLRABI : Vienna purple (3,50euro).     (organic seed)

( heirloom)

200 seeds

dwarf tomato : red robin ( 3,50euro).( 35seeds) (organic seed)

dwarf tomato , grow between 20 to 30 cm . it produce lot of small tomatoes of 2 to 3cm big.

great test , and a perfect option for appartement , balcon ,tiny place and containers 

Early season variety  ( 60 days).

MELON: farthest north galia 3,50euro (25 seeds).  (organic seed)

it´s a open-pollinised variety with still lot of genetic biodiversity . with differents type of small fruits . it´s a mix of two variety : farthest north mix with the variety galia . two variety well adapted to short season.

TURNIP : petrowski early round yellow 3,50 euro (500 seeds)(organic seed)

really great test turnip .

really early : 6 week

old variety from germany

MILLET : rudukes 3,50euro (2g)      (organic seed)

old variety from Lituania , with small seeds.

CUCUMBER : tendergreen burpless 3,50euro(organic seed)

make fruits between 15 /30 cm

it´s good variety to cold and wet climats.

young fruits can be use for pickles.

QUINOA : chadmo 3,50euro (3g)(organic seed)

this variety it´s really resistance to  pre-germinate seeds on the plants like usual quinoa. this variety it´s particulary well adapted to yet autumn .

originary from the island of Chiloe on the west cost of Chili.

CHILI : chinese five colors 3,50euro (25 seeds). (organic seed)

Really ornamental  chili , with strong test . the plant can become 70cm with 1,5 cm long chili.

good variety to grow in containers 

CELERY "golden kin tsai " 3,50euro

 (600 seeds) ( organic seeds)

Golden cutting celery in the true Asian tradition—fast growing, tender slim hollow stems with refined aroma, beautiful leaves for salad or soup garnish

CELERIAC " geant de prague , giant prague"  3,50euro

(600 seeds) (organic seeds)

110 days. Root Celery, this variety is grown for its large

Taste and culture much like regular celery. Introduced in 1871, popular in parts of Europe.