Our project

Our project first started with the idea to create a small-scale farm that works and innovates using different techniques such as Natural farming and Permaculture.

After that we started to develop different strategies to find the best solutions to be more self-sufficient. We soon  realised, that in a cold climate, like here in Finland, it's quite difficult to have a good nutritional diet all year round. Especially to be self-sufficient in fresh food: real living food full of the benefits needed to support the system of organisms that makes up our body. We were particularly interested in exploring methods that didn't need cooking processes to preserve them and that save all the vitamins and other essential needs to stay healthy. 

When you start eating more living, healthy food you will become less dependent on, and less involved with, all the bad impacts that food from supermarkets creates for nature, the climate, water, wildlife, and us...

On our website you will find different resources and tools, that are there to help you to become more independent and help you to have all the benefits from regenerative food throughout the year.

We believe that food, water, independence, environment and living by your own ethics are the key to a healthy body and mind. To start building a positive impact on yourself will also have a positive impact on all that is around us.

Why we created this association ?

The first idea was to create a seed bank for cold climate gardeners, so that people from Northern Europe can find well adapted seeds for their conditions (all our seeds are grown on our farm in Finland). The second reason was to create free workshops to help people learn skills to become more self-sufficient and give everybody the possibility to more efficiently support their lives and communities.

People who have been on our previous free workshops know how important it is for us that education should be free. That's why in 2018, we will create a "free self~sufficiency folk high school" as part of the association. We will teach courses to help people learn skills to make their lives more self-sufficient. 

Subjects will include: Sustainable farming, handcraft, food processing, storage and preservation and animal care ... The full program for the year 2018 will be released at the end of February 2018 . 

We also created an online shop (for members of the association only), to offer products that bring living food to your life and plate. 

We believe that: 

1. Human nutrition is a subject that should be taken really seriously.

2. That it is essential to care for and regenerate yourself but also the natural world around us.

3. That you can create less waste in your body as well as less waste on the planet. 

The income from this shop will support the creation of our free folk high school, free articles and videos published via our social networks, our seed bank project and will also support other different projects around Finland (for example last year we supported one project by sending free seeds for a market garden). If you have a community garden project that needs support please contact us .

To become a member, we hope you would like to become involved in the activities of the association. For example, growing seeds for the seed bank project. Or you can share your special skills.

The Webshop isn't to make profit. It is a way to support all the free services that the association offers and also to support members by offering them products that are difficult or impossible to find in Finland.

How to become member of the association ?

  • The membership fee is 5 euros per year.
  • To become a member contact us.

Our webshop is available only for members.

All the free articles and videos will be published on the synergistic farm Facebook page. There you can follow what is happening in the association. We'll also publish articles and videos about sustainable living, natural farming, handcraft skills, regenerative food recipes and other skills and knowledge that could help you to make your life more independent and sustainable.

The course program for the "free folk high school" for summer 2018 will be published on our Facebook page.

We are part of the OSSI project ( open source seeds initiative ) , working with many farmers around the world to protect the seeds biodiversity,  for farmers and gardeners.

we also support the Kokopelli association for them incredibly work of preserving  seeds biodiversity .

we have make a small selection of  them seeds , what you can order here.