water filter   21 litre 210 euro ( works with 2 ceramic candles )

water filter  (21litre) + 4 ceramic candles .

This water filter uses 2 ceramic candle to filter your water from bacteria ( 99,99%),  sediments and from any kind of anaerobic minerals like iron, manganese etc. that could build up harnfully in your body.

You can also fIll the candles with charcoal to clean chemical residue from your water, like chlorine, nitrite etc.

It's perfect for a family of 3 to 4 people. With two 12 litre tanks, one above for unclean water (12l), and one below where the filtered water is collected (12l).

Perfect for municipal water,  spring water or rain water.

Before using your water filter you need to boil the candles for 10 mins. After that fix the candles in your filter, fill it of water, wait and throw away the first water. After that, it's ready to use.  It's good to clean your candles every 2 or 3 months (depending on your water). Candles can be boiled anytime to clean them of sediment they accumulate. Clean them with fresh water and scrubbing brush. It's good to change them every 2 years, but donĀ“t throw them away, as actually they can be used as long as they are not broken.

WATER FILTER 16 litre (works with only one ceramic candle) 160 euro

water filter ( 16 litre) + 2 candles

WATER FILTER 25 litre (works with 3 ceramic candles) 250 euro

water filter (25 litre) + 6 candles

TWO CERAMIC CANDLES  50 euro (2 units)

ceramic candles for water filter. Replacement candles for your water filter or to make your own water filter system.

SIX CERAMIC CANDLES 100euro (6 units)

you also can fill your ceramic candles with charcoal for efficient cleaning of chemical residues.

Just fIll as per the picture and add a gauze tap-style filter on the bottom of the ceramic candle.

This is perfect to clean city water and chemicals residue from many type of pollutants such as (chlorine, pesticides etc.)