Our association ethics.

Our association is a experimental farm where we test different ways to grow a self-sufficiant food system with the ecosystem around  . We are also a  seedbank , what search for plants well adapted to cold climat and well adapted to the nutrition for human needs, that is why in our small collection we have crops for grains , crops for oil , green vegetables , fruit vegetables ...

we also experiment different ways to grow food in synergy with the ecosystem around us , like : natural farming,  permaculture,  no-till farming , carbon farming,  spiritual farming... . our goal , it's to find a good sustainable way  to farming all kind of food crops and biomass crops in polyculture system . because we believe sustainable farming shouldn't need input to exist , such like : fuel , fertilizer organic or not , hunger watering system , pest control system... we really believe in 1:1 farming and we like to share our experience on it .

Association organize every year free workshop like : naturalfarming , permaculture , seed saving , 1:1farming , no-tillage farming , different handcraft...


To be member  of the association will support our work to propose free workshop  give you free access to seeds collection and give us a value to all work we are doing on our farm.

To participate to our workshops, you don't need to be part of the association.

Our seedbank search for crops, that are able for cold climat farming , testing every year news crops and grow them. If they are good crops for what we search , we'll grow more seeds and bring them able to you . If you have some nice crops that are not in seedbank , you can send us a message and we will think how to  grow bigger amount of seeds and bring them able to everyone.

All the seeds of the association are open-pollonisated  plants , heirloom and open source seeds. We don't have modern hybrids  F1 and for sure no gmo .

If you search for some special seeds,contact us. All the our seeds are not in the free collection and what we don't have,  we can maybe find for you from some other seedbank we know .

By donating 15 euro and become member of the association , you will help us to find new seeds for the collection , sending seeds for free to people and supporting workshop service .

we hope you like the work our farm accomplish to preserving access to some seeds biodiversity and to promoting free education for more  self-sufficiant life.

If you want be member of the association or if you have any questions, please contact us. We hope that this project will give everybody an opportunity to grow own seeds and food.

When you start to be part of this association, you can also get in action by start to be a godfather or godmother for some variety.  contact us and we will send you the list of our variety what wait to be preserve in your garden.

You can also propose different action or workshop with us.

If you want help us and start to be part of this seeds preserving action, send us a message and we will give you the instructions for you became part of synergistic farm association.

you have 2 differents option to became part of this association:

(15 Euro donation : you will get free access  to the seeds collection with free shipping, and be part of association) and also get access to the kokopelli seeds collection

(30 Euro donation: free access to seeds collection with free shipping  , 20 seeds bag painting by our hand , include  2 special variety  not from seeds collection and you will be part of association and also get access to the kokopelli seeds collection.

We are part of the OSSI project ( open source seeds initiative ) , working with many farmers around the world to protect the seeds biodiversity,  for farmers and gardeners.

we also support the Kokopelli association for them incredibly work of preserving  seeds biodiversity .

we also sell some seeds bag from the great collection of   kokopelli association.  one of the greatest seeds collection in Europe.